Materia Prima is a Role Play Game set within the mystical world of Alka Sowa.

As a player you can master the arts of alchemy to craft powerful items and create life in form of homunculi.

Forge mighty alliances within the alchemist guild and fight against your opponents in PvE and PvP battles.

In Materia Prima, players possess genuine ownership of their digital assets.


In Materia Prima you decide what you want to do!

If its going into battles or following a more peaceful path of crafting or trading.

The decision is yours!

Dive into the mystical realm of Materia Prima and uncover its secrets. Are you ready to shape your destiny?

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Free 2 play

4 ever

Games should be fun - That's it!

We will always be free to play and will never implement any pay to win elements in Materia Prima.



In the world of Materia Prima, Homunculi are unique creatures.

They are the alchemists' best helper.

You can send you Homunculi to gather resources for you or command them in battle against your enemies.

They are central to the game's mechanics.

There are dozens of different types of Homunculi. You decide which one you like best!

But not only are there dozens of different types of Homunculi.

Each and every one is unique for itself.

Each Homunculi is based on hand drawn artwork and is carefully designed before entering our game.

Take a look at the different collections: